Oil Control Range


Discover a natural way to manage oily skin that is prone to shine – wave goodbye to oily prone skin and say hello to the new A’kin Oil Control Trio with absorbing bamboo powder.

The Oil Control range has been developed to tackle oily prone skin and to combat sebum and secretion. A first for A'kin, Oil Control is packed full of natural ingredients to help purify the skin and counteract the processes that leave skin with excess shine and oil, crafted with the purest of natural ingredients to fight bacteria and oil in the most efficient way possible.

The A’kin Oil Control range includes a full skincare routine featuring oily skin, shine-control saviours. The trio includes the Clarifying Cleansing Mousse, Intensive Sebum Controller and Shine-Free Facial Moisturiser.

The range fights against the four factors responsible for acne formation; excess sebum, sebum oxidisation, microbial growth and
inflammation. This gentle skincare routine slows down sebum secretion and the skin becomes less oily and shiny, reducing blemishes and irritations over time.


Bamboo Powder – used for its impressive oil absorption properties, leaving your skin feeling light and mattified. It is 4x more absorbent than rice, and unlike synthetic silicone powder it is fully bio-degradable.

Flaxseed Extract – a potent antioxidant key to preventing sebum break down.

Australian Tea Tree – extract found only in the Intensive Sebum Controller helps control the bacteria that are present on the skin
feeding on the sebum.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E – works together with the flaxseed extract by shielding free radicals. Antioxidants are used to slow down the
effect of pollution and help prevent the oxidisation of sebum.

Schizandra Soothing Extract – a five-flavour berry used in Chinese traditional medicine, orange flower water and sandalwood seed
oil are used to soothe redness and inflammation, so the skin is less stressed.


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