Make Rosehip Oil Your New Best Friend This Winter

Rosehip oil is a must have item in our skincare regime all year round, but throughout Winter it becomes essential in helping to keep your skin radiant and well hydrated.  Here are our top ten winter usage tips.

[1]  When the central heating gets turned on all the moisture is sucked from our skin, rosehip oil has an extremely high concentration of essential fatty acids (80%) that maximise moisture levels in the skin 

[2] Boost your skin's natural radiance and get your glow back by applying under your current day or night crème. For turbo charging moisture boost.

[3] Restore rough, dry, flakey skin with a Rosehip Oil application on targeted areas, i.e. elbows & knees. Use daily until moisture is restored.

[4] Helps reduce redness by protecting skin from the harsh elements – prevent lips from chapping in cold winds.

[5] Strengthen hand, nail and cuticle area and helps to relieve dry, cracking skin.

[6] Desensitise fragile skin from the elements and protect from external aggressors

[7] Use as a neck smoothing treatment as there is no natural moisture in this area so the skin struggles to stay moist and radiant, and can look dull and prematurely aged.

[8]To help minimise the effects of wearing a face mask, use Rosehip Oil to protect sensitive areas from friction or chafing

[9] Use as a deep scalp massage to help alleviate dandruff and irritation caused by hair products and changes in the season.

[10] Protects the skin from redness by applying under your daily moisturiser for an extra smoothing boost

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