The Process


At [A'kin] our philosophy is 'The Power of Purity' – the power of combining pure and natural ingredients to bring out more of every woman's special natural beauty. This philosophy is grounded in the belief that all things are best for you and better for the earth in their purest form – unchanged and unaltered to minimise the impact on the environment while maximising the benefits for you.

We take pride in all the natural ingredients we select as well as those ingredients we leave out. All our products are paraben free, sulfate free, harsh chemical free, animal ingredient free, animal testing free and vegan friendly. To ensure every product we make genuinely works, we've crafted this unique combination of nature and science into the Power of Purity process.

A process where all pure and natural ingredients are:

  • Researched for their health & beauty potential.
  • Extracted to remain in their purest form and used at optimal levels for beneficial effect.
  • Carefully selected and tested for how they best combine with each other and for their compatibility with the skin and hair.

From our discerning ingredient selection and extraction method to our formulations and packaging, everything we do aims to deliver pure and authentically natural skin and hair care products.