February 2017: [A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Certified Organic is featured in Waitrose Weekend in their
Top Picks

'For over 15 years, this Aussie company has been creating natural, safe and organic skin, hair and body delights. The products combine pure and natural ingredients, from orange blossom to lavender via rosehip and beyond. TOP PICK: A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil, £18/23ml. This super-concentrated oil re-conditions your skin and fights the aigns of anti-ageing.'
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January 2017: [A'kin] Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner is featured in Cosmopolitan

Emma Gunavardhana, freelance beauty editor
and host of The Beauty Podcast With Emma G
loves [A'kin] Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy
Cleanser & Toner. 
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October 2016: [A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Certified Organic is featured in Waitrose Weekend

Our award winning Rosehip Oil is recommended for giving your skin some TLC in the 'Stay Beautiful' anti-ageing skincare pullout by Waitrose Weekend beauty editor Jo Fairley.

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5 BEST Budget Organic Beauty Buys

Highly recommended: We'd like to highlight a few more brands and products that boast organic ingredients, sustainable practices and a less is more approach to beauty and skincare. [A'kin] Rosemary Shampoo - gentle formulation without oil stripping sulphates, just natural and organic herbal ingredients instead, and under a tenner.



Is this what it takes to be really, really ridiculously good looking? David Gandy says rosehip oil is the secret to his model skin

He's famous for championing British design and for being a fan of a well cut suit but it seems David Gandy has simpler tastes when it comes to skincare.

Instead of facials and Botox, Gandy, 33, says he relies on rosehip oil after being handed a bottle during a shoot in Australia.

"I take 90-odd flights a year so my skin is constantly dehydrated," the model revealed "An Australian make-up artist gave me her rosehip oil and it just seemed to do wonders."

The oil, which is sold by Australian organic beauty brand [A'kin] and costs £18, contains a high concentration of Omega 9, 6 & 3, as well as essential fatty acids – all of which make it intensely hydrating.



[A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil - Certified Organic

Sam: Miranda Kerr loves rosehip oil, so I was keen to give this a go. My skin looked radiant, but it's quite rich, so save it for dry skin days.

Rose: I applied this before bed and woke up with much plumper cheeks and softer skin. I'll be keeping this for when winter kicks in.



[A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo, Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner and Intensive Leave-In Conditioner

I can’t say enough good things about A’kin’s sulphate free shampoo, moisturising conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It’s always unscented, always gentle and full of natural goodness. The shampoo thoroughly cleanses tresses, and if yours is extra stubborn, the re-moisturising conditioner will soften it while the leave-in conditioner will make it easy to manage and style. A brilliant product worth trying.



TV Now Beauty Top Tips

Keep hair hydrated during summer by using a leave-in conditioner such as [A'kin] Lavender & Anthyllis 24 Hour Intensive Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. It helps keep your locks smoother and shinier – and feels luxurious and soft too!"



Model Behaviour

[A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil. Want supermodel skin? Follow in the footsteps of Australian beauty Miranda Kerr and add this skin saviour to your make-up bag. It's been specially formulated using a CO2 extraction method to restore, brighten and boost uneven skin. The organic oil is enriched with vitamins A and E, plus omegas 9, 3 & 6, and essential fatty acids extracted from organic Rosehip seeds. Simply massage 3-4 drops onto your face after cleansing, for a vibrant, youthful-looking complexion.



[A'kin] Body Wash

Australian beauty brand [A'kin] is huge Down Under and for good reasons too. Vegan, formulated with 100% botanicals and without parabens or sulfates, [A'kin] products can be used by all including kids and those with sensitive skin (always do a patch test first). We simply adore their body washes, which smell divine (try Jasmine or Orange Blossom, or if you prefer, the unscented one) and leave the skin soft and cleansed. Plus they look gorgeous in the bathroom.



Best stretch mark creams on the market - [A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil

This vegan, purely plant-based range of products from The Purist Company is the ultimate multi-purpose, holistic option. It's Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil (£18 for 23ml) is designed to restore, brighten and boost dull and uneven skin, which includes the treatment of scars and stretchmarks. Rosehip Oil (made from pressed rosehip seeds) is an excellent treatment for these skin conditions as it's a source of Vitamins A and E, plus fatty acids like omega 9, 3 and 6.



[A'kin] Highly Commended

[A'kin] from £9.50 to £26.00. Give your body a helping hand by opting foor these skincare treats from Down Under. The exotic ingredients include active plant botanicals, vitamins and gorgeous oils, all chosen to keep you beautiful. What's more, these Aussies know what you want on your bathroom shelf as it's all certified organic and vegan.



Mud and Clay Skin Treatments

Detoxifying mud masks are taking the beauty world by storm - [A'kin] Kaolin Clay & Lemongrass Express Purifying Facial Masque

Great for normal, combination and oily skin, this vegan treatment developed in Australia is made purely from botanical active ingredients, many of which are organic. It's to be used weekly, and purifies skin by absorbing excess oils and minimises pores by cleansing out toxins.



[A'kin] PureMAN Review

Why do I adore [A’kin] so much? [A’kin] products are all natural – made with natural goodness that benefits the skin in so many ways. It has active botanics and is completely free of paraben and sulphate free. All [A’kin] products are also free from animal ingredients or animal by-products... The whole range has a distinctive smell thanks to the added orange, ginseng and spice. It leaves the user smelling spicy and masculine.

Being a product for men, I had to find a tester and here’s what he had to say about [A’kin] Pure Man after 14 days use:

Smell: I like the spiciness of the smell. It’s subtle and not overpowering like other skincare products I’ve tried before.

Moisturising and Hydration: The aftershave balm in particular was very soothing and calming. I have dry skin but the moisturiser did a great job of hydrating my skin every time after use.

My favourite out of the entire range was the body scrub and facial washes, I always got a refreshing tingling feeling after a shower or whenever I washed my face (I believe that’s the healing properties of the ginseng at work). I enjoyed using [A’kin] Pure Man because it was refreshing, not greasy at all and absorbed into my skin very easy. It didn’t irritate my skin, I liked the smell and at the back of mind, knowing it was all natural products felt good. I’ll strongly recommend [A’kin] Pure Man, it’ll refresh and recharge your senses every time you use it.



Bike Beauty: how to stay hot to trot on two wheels

All that dust and pollution means I'll often cleanse my face as soon as I get home to get rid of the grime. Ultra-rich oily cleansers are great for getting deep down into the dirt but sometimes you can't beat an old-fashioned clay mask to get a real clean feel. [A'kin] Express Purifying Facial Masque is a real treat, drawing out all the day's gunk without leaving your face feeling dry or super tight. My pores feel like Kim and Aggie have been round, smaller, tighter, better. Plus it's quick!



Natural Skincare

Restore a natural healthiness to your skin and reveal its true radiance from within with the [A'kin] natural skincare and body care range from The Purist Company. Pure, safe and highly effective, the extensive range of holistic wellbeing and beauty products has been formulated to mimic the way the skin behaves naturally – with optimum results.



If You Love... [A'kin] Express Purifying Facial Masque 

With certified organic ingredients and the ability to reduce pore size, absorb excess oil and purify the skin, this gem is a beauty routine must-have – we love the smell, the natural ingredients and the results!



How You Can Come Clean 

If you're looking for with a more natural edge, then [Akin] Rose and Geranium Creamy Cleanser and Toner in One could be just the ticket. Enriched with shea butter, it's a good choice for skins that have been dried out by the harsh winter weather.

You can massage it on and rinse or wipe it off (wiping is better for drier skin types). It removes eye make-up and is a cleanser and toner in one.