Unscented 500ml Duo


Sensitive scalps need gentle care and natural shampoos and conditioners that cleanse without chemicals and toxins that irritate the scalp.

[A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo is fragrance free and has 6 powerful yet gentle botanical cleansers as we have found that using a small amount of a few cleansers can be far less irritating than using just one or two. Blended in a pH neutral unscented formula to calm and soothe a sensitive scalp. The result is naturally beautiful hair without the irritation. Follow with the [A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner for sensitive scalps.

Enriched with Australian avocado, macadamia and jojoba oils combined with anti-oxidants, vitamin B5 and oat protein, [A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner locks in moisture and soothes sensitive scalps. The result is a soothed scalp and sensuously soft hair.

Hair Type:
For sensitive and irritated scalps. Also gentle enough for children

Ideal For:
Helping to soothe sensitive scalps
Fragrance-free effective cleansing and conditioning

Key Ingredients:
6 botanical cleansers - mild yet effective cleansing for the hair and scalp
Fragrance free - Specifically adapted to sensitive scalp needs
Rosehip Oil - rehydrating, smoothing, shine
Shea Butter - leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable
Oat Extract - to soothe and comfort the scalp

1 x [A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo 500ml
1 x [A'kin] Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner 500ml


Natural conditioners won't give the instant shine that conventional conditioners do but that is a good thing! No silicones may not give the immediate shine, but this will come through after regular use and avoids the build up and plastic coating on hair.


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