Purely Revitalising Anti-Ageing

The natural choice for clinically proven anti-ageing skin care

We’re proud to present the new [A’kin] by Purist Purely Revitalising Anti Age Range specially formulated and targeted skincare regime for 40-65+ year olds. Only the [A’kin] by Purist Purely Revitalising Range harnesses the pure power of naturally potent antioxidants & omega oils to brighten, firm & lift skin for a more youthful looking, radiant you.

This range is clinically proven to revitalise ageing skin by lifting, firming and brightening the face and delicate eye area for radiant, youthful looking skin naturally. Your skin will become naturally firmer and you will obtain radiant results that are visible.


This new Anti Age range from [A’kin] by Purist contains 3 new products:

• Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Creme

• Purely Revitalising Brightening Day Creme

• Purely Revitalising Firming Night Creme


The [A’kin] by Purist Anti Age range revitalises ageing skin for naturally younger looking skin by:

• Improving Radiance & Brightness

• Improving Firmness & Tightness

• Providing Anti-wrinkle benefits


Key Ingredients:

Camu Camu: highly effective antioxidant and nutrient rich ingredient that is a significant source of Vitamin C to help brighten and even skin tone for improved radiance

Echium Oil & Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: anti-wrinkle effect and visible reduction of deep wrinkles

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: increases skin elasticity & smoothes & plumps out wrinkles

Stabilised Vitamin C: brightens & evens skin tone & pigmentation


For more information see our Purely Revitalising Anti-Ageing brand page.


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