Hair Care


Choosing the right haircare can make all the difference - cleanse, nourish, repair and condition for silky smooth, healthy hair.

At [A'kin] our hair care experts are passionate about pioneering pure results for naturally beautiful hair. Our products are formulated with pure & concentrated botanical ingredients, extracted in their purest form and chosen for their compatibility with the hair and scalp, so your hair can shine without the silicones, have body without the parafins and softness without the sulphates.

Sulphate Free

The Sulphate free claim is a term used commonly by the natural beauty industry, specifically referring to the two harsh cleansers found in traditional shampoos, known as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). These strong cleansers can strip oils causing irritation to the skin and scalp. No A'kin products contain SLS or SLES and therefore are referred to as sulphate free. 

Did you know?

Not all sulphates are bad. Behenyltrimonium Methosulfate (also called BTMS) is one of the good sulphates. It is an oily wax and an extremely mild conditioning ingredient, to moisturise your hair and scalp vs. stripping natural oils away. It is also more degradable than many other conditioning ingredients.


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