Dry or Damaged Hair Care Duo 225ml


For pure, healthy hair everyday

Nourish dry, dull and lifeless hair with natural [A'kin] Rice Aminos & Wheat Protein Shampoo, made with enriching rice aminos acids and wheat protein. Infused with combinations of pure active botanics delicately extracted to retain its purity, this natural shampoo is crafted using a blend of 6 botanical cleansers, to gently cleanse hair while giving dry, damaged hair the nutrients it needs for pure, healthy hair you can see and soft to touch.

Nuture dry, damaged and tangled hair with the special care of [A'kin] Macadamia & Wheat Protein Treatment Conditioner. Enriched with combinations of pure active botanics like cold pressed Australian Macadamia Oil and Wheat Protein to help restore moisture levels for naturally healthy hair everyday.

Hair Type:
Dry or damaged hair

Ideal For:
Helping to hydrate and restoring shine
Helping to smooth hair and reduce frizz
Intense nourishment and repair
Helping to provide maximum moisture 

1 x [A'kin] Rice Aminos & Wheat Protein Shampoo 225ml
1 x [A'kin] Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner 225ml


If using a natural shampoo for the first time your hair will most likely need to go through an adjustment period. This could take up to a month for the build up of ‘nasties’ to be removed and your hair and scalp to start seeing the benefits and natural change for the better. Natural Shampoos tend not to lather so much as conventional products due to the natural cleansers that are used vs. sulphates which created the foaming effect.


Total value of kit £20.00: Save £5.00



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