50 Ways to Radiant Skin

The difference in our Certified Organic Rosehip Oils is in the supercritical [CO2] extraction method, which works without the stress of high temperatures, to guarantee the purest, most potent oil is recovered. Our best selling and award winning Rosehip Oils help to restore moisture, and help reduce the visible signs of ageing. The result is vibrant, glowing and healthy radiant looking skin.




  1. Boost moisture levels in the skin with an extremely high concentration of essential fatty acids (80%).
  2. Boost your skin's natural radiance and get your glow back by applying under your current day or night crème. Try with [A'kin] Rosehip and Shea moisturiser for an instant boost.
  3. Restore rough, dry, flakey skin with a Rosehip Oil application on targeted areas, i.e. elbows & knees. Use daily until moisture is restored.
  4. Press Rosehip Oil into the skin all over the body for an aftersun soother to stop that tight skin feeling.
  5. Use your Rosehip Oil to help correct UV damage and pigmentation from the sun.
  6. Helps to plump the surface of the skin - which helps to reduce dehydration lines.  
  7. Use as a deeply nourishing, natural massage oil for the face and body.   
  8. Use as a neck smoothing treatment as there is no natural moisture in this area so the skin struggles to stay moist and radiant, and can look dull and prematurely aged.
  9. Rosehip Oil is the perfect travel bag companion as it is 23ml in size, so you can whizz through baggage control without any hold-up, it is also in a dark glass bottle to protect the contents from the sun and heat.
  10. Refresh and revive tired, tight and dull skin during plane flights.
  11. Pop a drop of Rosehip Oil in your hands and rub together, then apply to wet hair to help smooth and create sheen, start with a small amount and add more if needed.
  12. Use this weightless, dry oil to smooth hair follicles and split ends.
  13. De frizz hair, and tame flyaways and split ends by using as a finishing oil - perfect for evening up-do’s on humid nights.
  14. Night time rejuvenating treatment to aid the cellular renewal process.
  15. Use to desensitise and neutralise more sensitive skin types.
  16. Alleviates reddening, angry skin.
  17. Helps to even skin tone on the décolleté area which is the area most exposed to the sun.
  18. Strengthen hand, nail and cuticle area to relieve dry, cracking skin.
  19. Use to soften cracked dry heels, perfect holiday prep!
  20. Apply a drop to your index finger and smooth over your eyebrows to soften coarse eye brow hair to help with manageability.
  21. Use as a pre-shave treatment to protect skin from damage caused by shaving, and to soften the hair pre-shave.
  22. Apply as much as needed to your hands and run through your beard to soften the hair and maintain healthy hair.
  23. Helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and marks on the skin.
  24. Use as many drops as needed to massage into scar tissue to soften the tissue and help get much needed omegas, vitamins and fatty acids back into the skin that is often damaged after trauma.
  25. Helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and evens the skin tone around the effected area.  
  26. Boost your moisture mask results by adding a few drops of Rosehip Oil.
  27. Mix together with your foundation for a radiant, natural glow - and to help on those days when your foundation is drying out
    your skin.
  28. Give yourself a glamorous glow by mixing with body moisturiser on arms and legs.
  29. Give yourself a youthful glow on shoulders and brow bones by polishing the Rosehip Oil over as a finishing oil.
  30. Apply before using a gel to help penetrate deeper into the skin and maximise your products benefits.
  31. Softens and smooths dry, flakey lips - can be applied under lip balm.
  32. Reduces the appearance of scars and burns, and stops the skin from drying up after burning.
  33. Treats fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the cell wall.
  34. Strengthen and repair brittle, damaged nails (especially after wearing gel nails or shellac).
  35. Great to help soothe the effects of eczema and psoriasis.
  36. Aftercare for tattoos - helps protect the skin from drying out therefore helping the healing process.
  37. Apply as an intensive hand treatment before you pop on your marigolds and plunge your hands into warm water.
  38. Spa Secret - use as an intensive body envelopment when mixed with a little moisturiser.
  39. Dreadlock revitaliser and nourishment to help maintain condition.
  40. Overnight foot treatment - can apply and then cover feet with cotton socks. 
  41. Use as a deep scalp massage to help alleviate dandruff and damage caused by hair dye and the sun.
  42. Mix with sugar to make a more intensive deep treatment/polish.
  43. Apply to cracked skin caused by hayfever or after illness, and to cracked lips.
  44. Press into nappy rash area to help calm inflamed, irritated skin.
  45. Use after tanning to stop skin from peeling and enhance tan with a golden glow - perfect to prolong that holiday feeling.
  46. Take away on skiing holidays to prevent skin from chapping in cold winds.
  47. Apply the day before fake tanning to prep skin to promote a more even coverage that will last longer.
  48. Use as an after bite treatment to protect skin, reduce inflammation and redness, and to soothe itching.
  49. Correct the pH levels in your skin after using harsh stripping agents and products.
  50. Protects skin prone to broken capillaries.